Consulting, Research and Education to Advance the Future of Space

We empower space, defense, and environmental programs and projects with the critical skills to optimize and harmonize outcomes. We address challenges facing these sectors by providing organizational consulting, research of best practices, professional education, and workforce development. We are committed to innovation, integrity, excellence, and collaboration to serve partners worldwide.


Professional Development Courses for the Space Community Foreign Space Program Consultations with Japan Foreign Space Class at Osaka University in Japan Students at Osaka University Foreign Space Class at Osaka University in Japan


System Analysis and Program/Project Management: We Prevent Space Shuttle Disasters.

Strategy, Policy and Law: Security, Civil, and Commercial Space Sectors.

Editing and Writing, Including Grant Writing

Foreign Language Translation and Cultural Program

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Space Policy Challenges Facing the Second Obama Administration

Secure World Foundation will be holding a luncheon panel discussion on December 3, 2012, on significant space policy challenges facing the second Obama Administration.


State of Space Series

The State of Space Series features analysis and assessment of security, civil, and commercial national space programs. The following national space programs are available: United States, Europe, France, Russia, China, Japan, India, Israel, and Brazil.
The 2012 State of Space Series is available for purchase.

The Executive Summary of the 2012 USA Report is available for complimentary download.

Professional Development

Optimizing the use of space for security, economic, civil, and environmental ends is essential. In Astroconsulting Professional Development courses, you will integrate knowledge of technology, policy, strategy, law, economics, and management to optimize decisions and outcomes for your organization. Contact Astroconsulting International to schedule a course for your organization.

Small Satellite Global Developments, Markets, and Technologies.

This report will be available in 2013 in cooperation with the Market Info Group.

Obstacles to International Space Governance as part of the Handbook on Space Security

Spacepower and the Environment (complimentary)

Other Products

  • Market and Technology Forecasts
  • Specialized Consulting White Papers for your Organization
  • Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities Analysis
  • Policy, Technology, and Market Trends
  • Global Space Business Prospects
  • Critical Success Factors and Lessons Learned


Astropolitics Journal

A peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to policy relevant and interdisciplinary analysis of civil, commercial, military, and intelligence space activities.

Space Strategy in the 21st Century: Theory and Policy

This resource offers an overview of space strategy in the 21st century. The purpose of space strategy is to coordinate, integrate, and prioritize space activities across security, commercial, and civil sectors.

The Politics of Space: A Survey

The development and exploration of space are scientific and engineering pursuits, however, politics determine which space programs and projects are pursued, and establish cost, performance and schedule parameters for these ends.

Towards a Theory of Spacepower

This project developed a framework of Spacepower for the U.S. Department of Defense directed at the achievement of national objectives.

The Space Show Classroom

This program reviews fundamentals about space development, engineering, commercialization, and policy.

Space and Defense Journal

Promotes ongoing scholarly discussions of space policy and security issues.



Space Strategy

Dr. Sadeh, President of Astroconsulting, will be discussing on December 3 a new book he edited entitled Space Strategy in the 21st Century.

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